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Large format

Textile printing is a technique offering the most attractive quality/price ratio for your creations.

Tarpaulins & Connecta

You are looking for a simple but effective way at a democratic price to get noticed. The "Connecta" fixing system brings a touch of elegance to your building. It is completed with a tarpaulin with reinforcements to allow maximum tension. 


Its positive points, in addition to the price, is that it is quite possible to change the cover as you wish.



- Classic (Alu D-bond / Forex)

- On site (Honeycomb)

- Real Estate (Honeycomb with creasing)

Do you want to create a panel to enhance your visibility? In order to be noticed on your work site or to report houses for sale or for rent? 


Tee-comme offers you all its experience with quality panels with the possibility of glossy or matte lamination to avoid any color distortion over time. 

Vehicle lettering

Car - Van - Truck - Others

Much more than a simple vehicle lettering, Kimva is at the service of your desires, your image and your needs. Effective lettering should contribute to an attractive and quickly assimilated image.


In addition, we will advise you so that your investment is perfectly profitable, thanks to strategic choices made according to your objectives.


Window lettering

The purpose of window lettering is to draw attention to your business. We adapt a different style depending on the type of establishment (hairdressing salon, restaurant, etc.). 


For a shop window, you   need an attractive visual that will leave the inside of the store visible.


Unlike some shops where the window decoration can cover the entire surface, in order to keep a certain intimacy inside your premises by giving an immediate impact in terms of visibility.

Sandblasting windows / showcase

Glass sanding allows light to pass through but does not allow you to see through.

This technique allows you to sand your windows or your showcase in a total or partial way.


Glass sandblasting is suitable for individuals who wish to hide a bathroom window for example or other spaces as well as for companies.


This technique can be enriched with specific decorative cutouts, in order to complete window lettering or meet your decoration in an adequate way. Sandblasting can therefore also meet an aesthetic function that is both design and refined.


Illuminated signs

- Classic (With/without Leds - With/without spotlights)

- Embossed letter with/without backlight

- 3D lettering - Light box

- Custom sign


Are you opening a new business and need a sign to catch the eye of your new customers? 


Small or big budget, we will adapt according to this and we will offer you a sign that corresponds to your image (with or without graphics).

Are you determined?

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