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Techniques of

We offer a turnkey marking service on a very complete range of products with all-inclusive prices.

broderie / sérigraphie


  • Classic decoration technique

  • High quality appearance

  • Suitable for flat and irregular surfaces

  • Wire color matching with any logo

  • High impact wool stitching

  • Suitable for flat and irregular surfaces

  • Applicable on cotton, polyester and fleece

  • Maximum of 12 colors (from Madeira color chart)​


screen printing

  • Economical choice for large, multi-coloured markings

  • Excellent choice for marking text and an aged look

  • CMYK available for white media

  • Suitable for flat surfaces

  • Applicable on polyester, nylon, cotton, non-woven materials

  • Maximum of 4 colors for non-textiles and maximum of 5 colors for textiles​



  • Ideal for fabrics

  • Perfect for logos with many colors

  • Allows extreme detail like small text

  • Cost-effective solution for multicolor printing or smaller quantities

  • Maintains the integrity of waterproof fabrics



  • Top quality photorealistic prints

  • Suitable for polyester fabrics (minimum 60% polyester) and polymer coated products

  • Soft and flexible print that can even be applied to seams and zippers

  • Decoration resists fading and cracking

  • Only suitable for white goods

Trnsfert / sublimation
stickers / debossage
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digital decals

  • Excellent print quality and detail

  • Regularity of sticker shapes

  • Maximum size 50cm2

  • 4 days from approval of electronic proof

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  • Creates a unique 3D look

  • Subtle tone-on-tone look

  • High added value

  • Perfect for leather and imitation leather

  • Suitable for flat surfaces

  • Applicable on leather and imitation leather (PU and PVC) and paper

  • No color, color same as material​

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hot stamping

  • Exceptional top impression

  • Creates a unique 3D look

  • Ideal for leather and imitation leather

  • Available in silver and gold finish 

  • Suitable for flat surfaces

  • Applicable on leather and imitation leather (PU and PVC) and paper

  • One color: silver, gold, metallic green, red or blue

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Laser engraving

  • Creates a high class impression

  • Single tone on tone

  • Suitable for flat, round, convex and concave surfaces

  • Can be applied on metal, glass, ceramics, wood, paper, jeans, acrylic glass, leather or imitation leather – PU

  • The final color depends mainly on the color of the undercoat.​

Stanpimp gravure
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  • Creates a unique 3D effect

  • Great fade resistance

  • Suitable for flat surfaces designed with a recessed area to accommodate the damaged sticker.

  • Applicable on plastic, paper, wood and metal.

  • CMYK colors​

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pad printing

  • Excellent multi-purpose cost-effective solution

  • Can be applied to virtually any shape

  • Suitable for all surface textures, including soft products such as relaxation balls

  • Perfect for multicolored logos

  • Fast and economical

  • Suitable for all types of shapes, including flat, round, convex, concave

  • Applicable on plastic, glass, ceramic, paper, wood, metal

  • Maximum of 4 colors​


Digital printing

  • Perfect for multicolored logos

  • Allows you to create a unique effect with matte, glossy and relief finishes

  • High resistance to fading or damage

  • Ideal for small quantities

  • Only suitable for flat or slightly curved surfaces

  • Available with our SureShip™ service

  • Suitable for flat or slightly curved surfaces

  • Applicable on plastic

  • Only for CMYK​

Capture d’écran 2021-12-06 à 11.10.42.png

Screenround marking

  • Lasting results

  • Applying crisp, high quality markings to curved products

  • Economic choice for large quantities

  • Multicolor marking available on a large selection of pens

  • Ideal for text​


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