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Tee-Comme's digital marketing services meet all marketing objectives. The key is to develop a perfect strategy, use the right tools and leave a big profit margin with an optimal budget. Our experience in digital marketing allows us to deploy our services to achieve any of your goals.



Do you want to start a professional , intuitive and easy to manage e-commerce site ?


Do you want to revamp/migrate your website?


We design your shop and make models so that you can project yourself.


We will only start the development phase when we are sure that the end result suits you perfectly.

  • Creation of an online store

  • Creation of a showcase

  • Optimization of your e-commerce store

  • Migration of your shop



SEO is the act of attracting qualified visitors to your website by being visible on search engines like GOOGLE (SEO) .


Attract more visitors to your website, by increasing your online visibility and positioning yourself on strategic keywords.


Stay ahead of the competition.

  • Creation of your SEO strategy

  • SEO Audit

  • Writing blog posts

  • Google SEO on your keywords



We use effective and appropriate tools to drive traffic to your website .


Gain visibility and attract new customers through social media and Google ads .

  • Facebook Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Pinterest Ads

  • Google Ads

  • Development of the general idea of the advertisements

  • Creation of targeting

  • Visual creation of advertisements

  • Daily ad optimization



Email campaigns to find and retain your customers. Email is a real tool marketing , as part of a multi-channel strategy that allows personalized and instant messages to be sent to a target set of recipients (prospects, customers, etc.).


Email is a fast , personal and reliable way to communicate. E-mail guarantees return rates 2 to 3 times higher than “paper” mail.

It is imperative to structure your emails and proposals well, keep your prospect database up to date, and follow simple rules when sending email campaigns .

  • Creation of your targeted email & SMS campaigns

  • Setting up a messaging service

  • Automation Mailing

  • Managing your email campaigns

  • Creation of your mailing strategy

  • Writing tips

  • Writing a captivating & catchy title

  • Call to action in the email

  • Creation of sequences of several emails

Community Management

Delegate the management or creation of your social networks. At Tee-Comme , we take care of optimizing your social networks in order to attract qualified prospects .


We set up strategies for social networks and take care of the creation of your content.

  • Social media management

  • Optimization of accounts, Instagram, Facebook

  • Development of effective strategies



You have an Instagram account but no convincing results ?


At Tee-Comme , we take care of optimizing your Instagram account and your social networks .


Having an Instagram account and having the right strategy is crucial to attracting and generating leads .


Instagram and social networks will allow your business to strengthen its brand image, attract customers and gain visibility. 

  • Implementation of an effective strategy to generate sales

  • Proposal of relevant content for stories and posts to develop your account

  • Improved visuals and content 

  • List of hashtags to use

  • Professionalization of your account

  • Increase your subscribers

  • Creation of custom icons for stories

  • Professionalization of your bio

  • Powerful advertisements to sell & develop your visibility

  • Daily routine to get more followers

4 simple steps to grow your business

Are you determined?

1. Create your online store


To sell products online, you must have a professional online store

2. Develop your social networks


Build your reputation on Facebook and Instagram while building a strong community that supports you.

3. Website traffic: advertising and referencing


If no one visits your site, you obviously won't be able to make a sale. We recommend having at least 300-400 visitors per day.

4. Finalization and optimization


Implement abandoned cart reminders, mailings, and retargeting to drive maximum sales.

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